Sunday, June 13, 2010

tomato dust

This is perhaps the simplest of recipes and one of those that sound so fancy on a restaurant menu
But, tomato dust or powder is a handy thing to have around the kitchen. Use it as simple decoration sprinkled on the rim of plates or dust a little on top of the mascarpone that I like to top a creamy pasta with or to sprinkle on a savory souffle.

The same process can be applied to slivers of beetroot or carrots, citrus peel (peel only, all the white pith needs to be removed) and slivers of sweet potatoes to achieve different flavors and colors.

What you'll need

Tomato peel - the peel that is left and dis-garded when peeling tomatoes

What to do

Spread out the tomato peels on a baking paper lined sheet pan, or rack and dry in an oven at 80 C (175 F) for approx 2 hours, until the tomato skins are completely dry and crisp.

Place the crisp tomato peel into a coffee grinder or blender and turn it into a fine dust.

Store in a dry shaker for usage anytime when needed.


  1. What a fun idea and it will make me look like a pro! Thanks Joe.

  2. What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Great idea Joe..Happy birthday!

  4. Hi Joe and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your Mum told me and I wanted to stop back by and wish you a great day.

  5. thanks Mum and Mildred for the birtday wishes