Sunday, February 8, 2009

Veal with Sage and Proscuitto - Saltimbocca

Literally translated, this Italian term means "jump in the mouth." It refers to a Roman specialty made of finely sliced veal sprinkled with sage and topped with a thin slice of prosciutto. It's sautéed in butter, then braised in white wine. Sometimes the meat layers are even rolled and secured with picks before being cooked.

what you need
675 grams veal scallopini
18 fresh sage leaves
12 slices prosciutto
fplain lour
salt and pepper
60 grams butter
30-40 ml white wine or dry sherry
15 grams parsley, chopped

what to do
lighty pound veal flat
On each slice, put one sage leaf and a slice of the prosciutto which has been cut to the same size as the veal
Hold together with a toothpick
Fry in butter till golden brown and cooked , then remove the meat
Over high heat add white wine or sherry and simmer for a few minutes
Add parsley to the pan juices just before serving
Pour over the meat


  1. This looks amazing Joe, can't wait to try it for myself thanks for the recipe