Saturday, November 21, 2009

chicken with lemon & tyme

what you need
1/2 chicken on the bone
1/2 cup of chopped parsley
fresh tyme sprigs
4 lemons
1/2 cup of lemon juice
1/2 cup of vegetable oil
1 tsp salt
freshly ground black pepper

what to do
Thoroughly wash and dry the chicken .
Cut 2 lemons into round slices.
Salt and pepper chicken on both sides.
Place chicken skin side up in a casserole dish.
Mix oil,lemon juice,parsley.
Pour over chicken.
Sprinkle tyme all over chicken and refrigerate for about an hour.Turn the chicken over and sprinkle more tyme on top then refrigerate for about another hour.
After the chicken is marinated. place in the oven (190 celcius) for about 20 minutes. Turn chicken over and roast for about another 20 minutes while basting with the oil and juice mixture.
Great served with citrus spiced cous cous


  1. This sounds delicious and I bet it smells heavenly baking. Thanks Joe for the recipe!

  2. This looks good Joe...we would love this!